i so love the little things in life

and so does lindsay at hello hue, make sure you stop over, add your "little things" post, visit some shops, then re-post about the fun! Here are mine:

 i am making stockings to put in my shop for the christmas
these grow like crazy, a friend gave me a clipping and look what it's done! aren't the babies cute : ) hooray! they grow year round here.

and my thanksgiving cactus is right on target to bloom between thanksgiving and christmas. yay, life is good.
 so thankful i have orders to fill - thank you kind supporters.


habecker said...

my plant seems to be dying. try as i might i am a plant killer. sad.

over from the little things link up.

Mo @ O hushed October morning mild said...

Stopping over from the little things link up :)
I have tried growing just about everything but cactus! I wonder how they would do here in Kentucky? :)

Katy @ Lolly Linens said...

Mo, I did some research and this cactus is called Prickly Pear and I think it will grow in your area!! Hip, hip, hooray! I was given a pod and was told to just set it in the grown and it will grow and that's what I did. Here's a link that I think will be helpful http://voices.yahoo.com/can-cactus-grow-outdoors-zone-five-8750563.html?cat=32

Take care, have fun, Katy

Ashley Riah said...

How crafty, I wish I could knit or sew or something to make some adorable Christmas stockings!! Yay for green thumbs ;) I think I started a little too late with my garden this year :/

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