hey everyone - - - head over to 2 bags full and join in on the fun!


Washi tape

Www.officedepot.com has their washi tape on sale for .99 each!! If i had known it when i was buying some today i would have gotten a bunch more!


I am thankful that the holidays are almost over. I don't mean that I don't or didn't enjoy them, I'm simply thankful we are almost through them. Anyone else feel this way?


free 2014 owl calendar

i anxiously wait this time of year for the free owl calendar from my barn owl. i keep it close by and even print it for friends. it's a must see, must print!


nautical gift wrapping

a few of my favorites

find this vintagey sailboat paper here
find this navy sheet paper here
colorful sailboats can be found here


something fun to make for thanksgiving

saw this over at Glitter, Glue & Paint but this will take you directly to the post.


10 things you may not know about me

1 - my favorite color is RED, always has been! 2 - i played basketball for my church league during middle and high schools - point guard! 3 - i was born & grew up in Charleston, South Carolina 4 - i have now lived longer in North Carolina than I did in South Carolina 5 - i am a Carolina Panthers f.a.n. 6 - my most favorite place on earth is the beach, thankfully, I live 6 miles from the closest beach - yay! 7 - i am single raising my 2 rescued canine kids 8 - all i ever wanted was to be a wife and mom - and i'm neither 9 - photography is my love 10 - i also love crafting, I'm a Stampin Up! Consultant


thought you might like to participate! i am



annie and molson

had to share some photos of my sweet pups.


Scarecrow Cookies

look how cute these are! enjoy!

Ingredients Cookies White frosting Assorted sugar wafers Candy corn Mini chocolate chips Bran cereal Chocolate sprinkles Instructions Frost the top of each cookie. Sweet Scarecrows - Cut a sugar wafer in half. Add a dollop of frosting to the top edge of the cookie and stick a wafer half to it for a hat top, as shown. Place a whole sugar wafer just below the hat top for a brim. Use a little more frosting to decorate it with slices of candy corn or mini chocolate chips. Press pieces of bran cereal hair into the frosting around the hat. For the face, press on a candy corn nose, mini chocolate chip eyes, and a chocolate sprinkle stitched mouth. By FamilyFun Magazine


test baby pops

i promised a friend i'd make these adorable baby pops for her baby shower, well i got sick and wasn't able to make them for her event. this was my test 2 of 3 in getting ready for them, minus the bibs, i still hope to make them and deliver them (she lives out of town).


thrift finds

i got this aigner purse for $1.50!

this rafaella cardigan for .60, it was brand new too!


new tea towels in the shop, make sure you visit today!


Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories Giveaway - Free eBook with Entry

Get a FREE eBook When You Enter!

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jazzed up business card holders

it's amazing what a little bit of time and glue will do!


the pink scarf project

have you heard about the "pink scarf project"? check out the blog 2 bags full for the details. basically you make a pink scarf and send it to the following address and they distribute to women in need going through breast cancer or having survived it. here's the address: 
"pink scarf project" 
311 w main street
grayson, ky 41143
I'm mailing mine tuesday, it's ready but i will be near the post office on tuesday.
here's a photo of all the scarves i've made so far for christmas presents and this project.

have you made any christmas presents yet? i had these ready in july! woohoo!


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polka dot bowls - thrift store find

i found these bowls at one of my favorite stores this week - only $2! what did you find this week?


4th of july cupcakes and upcycled cake plate

i made red, white and blue cupcakes for new neighbors and some friends! first of all - have you heard about making a cake with a can of soda? all you have to add is the can of soda - how great is that? no eggs, no oil, just soda. i picked cherry flavored soda that happened to be clear with white store brand cake mix - they were scrumptious - i just had to try one before giving them away. i tinted the frosting blue and used red sprinkles for the top.
i also upcycled a plate and candlesticks I found at thrift stores. the plates have a silver band around them so i tried finding candlesticks with silver-ish tones. i glued them on with my faithful e6000 glue and i think they're beautiful. 


twine jar vase with shell arrangement

this was super easy and i think super cute! i didn't take step by step pictures but here you go on how i made it - - - 
first i covered a jar i saved with twine using hot glue
then i put clear marbles in the bottom
and used skewers (cut them in varying sizes)and hot glue to secure the shells so they look like flowers
and i put brown shredded paper in the top to look like dirt!


i've done some thrifting!

i so love to thrift, it makes my day better when i get to go - - how about you? are you the same way? today i'm sharing some of my finds from one of my favorite stores.

my friend susie, loves all things nautical like me and i got this for her. her current one was red wire??? not very nautical!!
I had been watching this box for weeks, finally it went down to $7 and i snagged it. thank heaven no one else loved it as much as i do. i love all things unique. i have all of my stickers for scrapbooking in there now, all separated into types. isn't it cool?! what have you found recently that you love?