mush for brains

The last 2 weeks have been w e i r d to say the least.

I went to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions, paid for them in the back, made purchases up front too, the lady is out front ringing the Salvation Army bell, my brain is thinking I needed to grab the gobs of change I had piling up in my purse, which I did, then went to my car with my cart and scripts but none of the other stuff I'd just purchased. Went back in (heaven forbid the clerk come after me or bring me my stuff)she said, very smarta** like - "would you like your stuff?" I just sorta mumbled (biting my tongue mumbling - which by the way I'm an expert at!)got my stuff and left.

Then, another night, in these last 2 weeks, I'm with a group of friends, one of them is getting ready to talk and I call her Katy - - her name is not Katy - mine is, duh. Everyone looked at me like, well, I was crazy.

On a trip to the store, I automatically go to the pet aisle, start looking for my girl's favorites and realized - what am I doing?

I was on the sofa the other night and started wondering why Pep wasn't sitting next to me -she rarely wasn't touching me, about to get up and look for her but then reality hit.

So----see I have mush for brains. Sure hope it's temporary.

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