Katy's Pepper Girl

That's her official AKC name! I vividly remember the night I got her, it was March 11th, 1996. She was almost 3 months old, her and a brother (he was the runt)were the only 2 left. Her dog dad, Max, was the volunteer fire department dalmatian of Oxford, NC. Her dog mom, Missy was onsite too - Pep looked like her dog mom.
I knew I wanted a girl, but felt sorry for the runt and thought he wouldn't be adopted. Then I sat down indian style to get to know them and decided that since Pepper kept coming and laying in my lap, giving me kisses - she actually picked me! So, before even pulling out of the driveway, she snuggled up to me and had her head on my shoulder just like a baby. Then - - - the mmm mmm mmm whimpering started. I fell in love, she was a clown dog, so many funny stories, she was so strong willed - - my kinda girl!
Rest in Peace my Sweetheart, Doodlebug, Sweet Pea, Dottie, Missy, Pep, Black Ears, Pumpkin, Pepperoni, Pep Girl, Brown Eyes.
My heart hurts big time. This is all I can handle for now, maybe more later, maybe not. Katy's Pepper Girl December 22, 1995 - November 7, 2006

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