twine jar vase with shell arrangement

this was super easy and i think super cute! i didn't take step by step pictures but here you go on how i made it - - - 
first i covered a jar i saved with twine using hot glue
then i put clear marbles in the bottom
and used skewers (cut them in varying sizes)and hot glue to secure the shells so they look like flowers
and i put brown shredded paper in the top to look like dirt!


Nina said...

Hi Katy,
Your Shell arrangement is very pretty!
A lovely idea to use the shells from the beach ... I think I'll craft one as well :)
Thank you for the inspiration and also for leaving a sweet note on my blog!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

What a darling idea. I think I will use it for table arrangements at my daughter's baby shower - thanks!

Karen said...

what a great idea to display shells you found...I'd do this if I wasn't afraid that Dino would use them as weapons.

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