random thoughts

1 - why do people (when they are thanked) say "no problem" - problem = negative, don't ya think? it would be nice if they said "my pleasure" or "you're welcome" be positive, heaven knows we need more positive things in this world.
2 - why are children allowed to stay plugged into {all} of their electronics with all of their free time?? whatever happened to playing outside? gosh, i can remember being outside all of the time, riding my bike, looking for four leaf clovers, playing in the "church yard", or someplace similar, hopscotch, playing basketball, half rubber, just plain 'ole playing outside till the street lights come on. i can't even imagine not exploring outside as a kid. they sure are missing out.
3 - why do people that have children not understand that people who can't have them, have animals instead and treat them as they would a child. they are living beings that are chosen to be a part of their families. there is a lot of time and money that go into animals. they need the same things children need like - schedules, specific food, vet (dr) visits yearly and sometimes more often, they need to be trained which is at all times, they have to be bathed & groomed numerous times per year, they have to be on heartworm preventive as well as flea & tick meds. they are costly, they are loved. very loved.
4 - the beach. just saying it makes my heart happy. it has an awesome effect on me. the sand, the sun, the dolphins, the shrimp boats, the surfers, the birds, the wildflowers, the dunes, the houses, the benches, the lifegard stand, the shells, the salt air, it's full of surprises and i absolutely love it. i am sooooo thankful to be near it. 6 miles that is!
5 - the weather - isn't it funny how much the weather determines so many things - sweet mother nature (aka God) can determine any outdoor event, games, picnics, visiting a theme park and much more and the way people feel, similar to the affects of a full moon! my wish is that it would only rain and any inclement weather happen at night when most people are sleeping.

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