check their site out, tons of great info and even a photo contest - they're the official camera company for the NFL!

i happened upon this on yahoo, it's actually an exert from business week regarding home base gigs for the "down" economy. while i don't agree with the article on a variety of topics, i still found it interesting enough to share. i chose a canon eos because i've always wanted one!
here goes their thoughts -
the barriers to starting a photography business virtually disappeared with the dawn of affordable digital slr cameras and software like photoshop.
if you're skilled in taking great pictures, pick a niche and build a business around it. you might want to shoot weddings, bar mitzvahs, or corporate events, or consider family or individual portraits.
you could even set up a small studio space in your home. consider what services you'll offer clients beyond just taking pictures—can you build a Web page to showcase the photos of their event as well?
first steps: put together a portfolio of your existing work to show potential clients.
time needed: for event photography, expect most gigs to be on weekends or evenings (galas, for example). you may be able to arrange portrait appointments on a more flexible schedule.
Average sales: $26,259, based on economic census data.
they even offer online classes

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