Report: Improper anchoring caused boat accident

this exert is from the yahoo link below
By CHRISTINE ARMARIO, Associated Press Writer 15 hours, 22 minutes ago
The United Stated Coast Guard advises boaters to take a boating safety course and leave a detailed float plan with friends or family.

The boat’s owner, had more than 100 hours of boating experience but no formal education, and had been drinking, according to the report.
“Overall, it’s just a mistake in anchoring,” Investigator Manson said.

The Coast Guard released its records on the accident last week. According to the agency, Schuyler (the one survivor) told them the boat capsized after their anchor got caught in a reef.

The accuracy of that account was somewhat unclear because Schuyler was suffering from hypothermia and spoke to them shortly after he was pulled from the boat. His doctor said he probably could have only lived another five to 10 hours.
The Coast Guard called off its search after three days of scouring 24,000 miles of ocean.

This is so sad ~ if only mandated training applied to operating a boat. My thoughts and prayers are with these families.

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