this really bothers me

I was in a pizza restaurant on a week night a couple of weeks ago in a downtown city. This female walked in with 2 kids (boy about 3 and girl about 8 weeks old) talking loudly, yelling at the boy, he was crying but not too loud. Along with them was another female. I was with a table of 9 friends right next to their table. We could all hear her speaking loudly, being obnoxious. All of a sudden I saw her hit the boy so hard he fell up under the booth's table. I instinctively got up and went towards the scene, but stood about 2-3 feet away, as she had this wild, drugged up look about her. The rest of the people at my table heard the loud noise and all turned to look. We were all staring, you couldn't help it. She yelled to the female with her and said something to the effect of "why is everyone looking at me, blah, blah, blah . . ." They got up and left - as if to vanish into the street.

I wrote DSS about this so in case I see this happen again I'll know what to do and thought I'd share the response. This really hurts my heart. I left the conact info blank.

If ever you, or anyone else, believes a child is being abused and/or neglected, a report should be made to the local county Department of Social Services. Although I am unable to tell you what to do when you witness a parent/caretaker being abusive and or neglectful but don't know any information about the family to make a Child Protective Services (CPS) report, I must share that in order for CPS to respond they will need to have identifying information such as names, address, etc. This type of information can sometimes be obtained through a vehicle's license tag. Law enforcement may also be a viable option.

Thank you for your concern about the welfare of children. If I may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at ____which is the number to our CAREline.

Child Welfare Services Consultant
Division of Social Services

Don't you think this is a crock???? I wish there were a better way to protect all the children of the world.

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