weekends are way too short

My weekend has flown by, it's been fun, sad and busy.

I'm slowly getting the house decorated, I keep getting side tracked because there's so much that needs to be done! I didn't realize how much had been neglected the past many months, but I am glad my choice was to hold Pepper rather than do those other things. This reminds me of - I think it was Erma Bombeck (sp?) - that said something to the effect of why save the "good" linens for special occasions - every day is a special occasion - and I agree. Use the good stuff now and housework can wait!

I've been looking online at the waaaaaaaaaay too many dogs available in our area shelters and came upon a pug that of course has a very sad story, here's a picture of her, she looks very sad too. I've inquired but just got a generic e-mail back saying - to all of you that have responded - basically that she has another vet appt this week, and they are hoping to be able to update all inquiries some time. Not sure why, but it made me feel like I shouldn't get my hopes up. What will be, will be I reckon.

OK - here's her picture - - remember she's had a very rough life. Pray she gets a loving home.

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