wrightsville beach this weekend

this weekend was gorgeous, these were taken yesterday, i so love living minutes from the beach! we were at the north end and there weren't many people, the last shot has some funky clouds but we didn't get any rain until this morning around 8am and that was only a few minute downpour and nothing but sunshine since!


Susan said...

I was born and grew up on the coast. Recently moved back and it is as wonderful and inspiring as ever. It is a blessing to live near the beach.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your photos! There's no where I would rather be than the beach. We live in Florida...not right on the beach but we visit as often as we can. I love it! I'm a shell seeker! I'm enjoying your blog! Hugs!

Brooke B said...

I just bought a pair of Nike sandals like the ones above, except mine are white, yellow and pink... I'm a bright color kind of gal. Love them, so comfy.


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