send someone you love some sunshine through the mail

i miss my life long best friend like you wouldn't believe. she only lives about 3 hours away, but you know how life gets in the way. 
i decided to send her some sunshine via the mail. i picked up a few small fun things i knew she would like and sent them her way! why don't you do the same?

I had other packages going out and just so you know, I recycle all of my envelopes!


EvalinaMaria said...

Lovely idea, I'll send some sunshine to a friend also :)

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

What a wonderful idea. How do you recycle the envelopes?

Susan said...

I'm visiting from the blog party. You have some lovely ideas. I'm going to send some sunshine to my friend who is almost 1000Km away, thanks to you. Seems like we think alike. Please check out my blog and leave an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Visiting you from the GYB party. I will keep your post in mind. My best friend is moving 3 hours away as soon as she sells her home. I am adjusting but will definitely have to send her some sunshine.

Come visit me at nonniescedarchest.wordpress.com


Carole said...

Isn't it wonderful to brighten someone's day. I bet your friend was thrilled and grateful to have a special person like you in her life.

I'm loving all the blogs I get to visit since becoming part of the GYB party and making new friends definitely fills my spirit with joy.

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