new eyeglasses

so, i go to the eye doctor recently and he tells me i have a cataract in my right eye (already had one removed in my left eye, dr says i am much too young to have cataracts) but does not tell me what to do about it, and tells me he wants $90 additional to "fit" me for contacts - 90 bucks with not much effort on his part - what a crock, needless to say i didn't get that fitting (I wish I had now). then he sends me to the optical section of their office and they can put me in glasses for $279 - two hundred seventy nine dollars on something i've never worn before and don't even know if i will like. so i decline the glasses offer and go to costco. it ended up being around the same cost, so i couldn't win. when i wore contacts (had worn them for 15 years). i often thought it would be best to have a pair of glasses to wear every now and then to give my eyes a break. i'm getting use to them but i sure do miss my contacts. i want to get contacts again! i really, really want contacts. in this picture my right eye just happens to have major broken blood vessels, dr said it was from coughing.

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