being a canine mom

i don't have "real" children :( but dogs are so much like them. they are a lot of work, a lot.

mine are both rescues and both were abused, one in all ways, the other lacked attention. they are very special needs dogs as a result, making life even more interesting.

 you have to keep them entertained as they get bored easily, they bring in lots and i mean lots of dirt every single time they go outside. i find myself pulling out the broom and vacuum several times a day.

then there's to let them on the furniture or not. well i got them to love them and i chose to let them get on furniture so i could have them snuggle with me. yes, they sleep with me, i love that secure feeling of both of mine touching me while i'm sleeping. i got them to love and that's just what i do! i have to change the sheets daily, sometimes more often, like when it rains - - uuuggghhh.

we go to the park, however, not nearly enough (totally my fault). they would probably be so much happier if i took them daily, i need to get better at this.

when one does or has something, the other has to as well - see like real children! one of mine doesn't like the other to be near him, he's rather bratty like that. i mean they play together fine, he just doesn't want her in his space.

they have to get the same amount of attention and sometimes that causes fights - ouch. i just started the ole water bottle discipline method. omg, it works, you just show it to them and the sight makes them shape up quickly. it even works outside, it's a miracle worker, really.

then there's the - to board or to have a sitter come in when you want to travel, either way, it's gonna set you back a pretty penny. i chose to have someone come in over christmas and that's the way to go for us. she was awesome, took them out 3 times, including late at night.

and the barking and tearing things up and killing one of my favorite outside plants and wanting a treat every time they come back inside.

and there are routines, lots of routines. they are little creatures that need structure (just like real kids). mine have many routines, too many to talk about really.  if they get out of their routine, it's not so fun around here. it takes an awful lot of patience to have pets of any kind.

this is molson and annie

now look at these faces and tell me you couldn't spend tons of time with them and not let them on the furniture (i cover the furniture with blankets or sheets).

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