good deeds we all need to act on

be an organ donor - so - i'm watching oprah tonight, with stories including organ donating and how important it is to make sure you are registered to do so. it's so simple to check yes when receiving a drivers license or state issued identification.

my opinion (for what's it worth!) is - why in the world would someone not be an organ donor? seems extremely selfish to me - think of how many lives you would save and what impact you would have on so many people. you'll be DEAD - don't think you'll know it's happening ~ DEAD people ~ DEAD ~ don't show your ignorance - - please.

if you are someone that is of the belief that organ donation is not a good idea or heaven forbid are not knowledgable of the importance - - how about take the time to research or ask someone. options to research are the library (books and internet access), call the organ donation headquarters, go to any dmv office, ask your doctor, anyone ~ make sure you research in detail and get several intelligent opinions - in other words ask qualified people and just do it.

national marrow donor program
another registry everyone should be a part of is the national marrow donor program, both of these programs are so critical and believe me if you were in the position of needing either, you will be thankful someone cared.

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