time for extra prayers folks

"All of us across this nation are concerned for the families who have lost their homes, and the many families who have been evacuated from their homes. We send our prayers and thoughts with those who've been affected,
and we send the help of the federal government, as well".

George W. Bush, October 23, 2007

Photo courtesy of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Pray for God's intervention in the devastating wildfires sweeping across Southern California.

President Bush declared a state of emergency for California. He has dispatched Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and FEMA Director David Paulison to the affected areas and to provide support and assess the needs so they can be met.

Eight hundred Marines from Camp Pendleton, CA have volunteered to fight the fires at the front lines—Marines who have recently returned from Iraq. This is currently the largest evacuation in our nation since Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Though progress has been made in fighting the fires in some areas, many are still raging out of control.

We must intercede for this dire situation! Please join in praying:

That God will intervene and change conditions so the fires will die
For protection for those fighting the fires and those supporting them
For the Santa Ana winds to subside
For protection for endangered homes and properties
For comfort for the thousands already evacuated
For health and strength for evacuees who are elderly or have medical concerns
For order, civility and kindness to govern those in evacuation centers
For state and federal efforts to coordinate seamlessly

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