Today when I picked Annie up from daycare they sent home a tiny styrofoam container (like they use to give you in elementary school with the little wooden spoon)that had homemade frozen yogurt for Annie's after supper snack, the recipe is even on the cutest card! Now wasn't that sweet!
I went to Petco at lunch, needed Annie's Bil-Jac, and they sell a wide variety of what look like handmade treats by the pound. I just gave her 3, she didn't know I was watching her, and she was so excited, running around, playing with them, throwing them in the air. Now she's finished and she came over sniffing all around for more. Oh - - she liked the frozen yogurt too!

Here are some cards I made recently.

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DebraK said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your nice comments. Your cards are beautiful and so is your sweet doggie.

Don't you love when doggie day care is so good to your pet. I don't have a dog anymore but I had one for 13yrs. .....you sure get attached!

Please drop by often. Have a great day.

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