Introducing Annie!

Here's Annie!
A gift from my friend Hilda.

I met her December 15th at the Forsyth County Animal Shelter and she came home December 18th after being bathed, spayed, Dr checked and shots.

She loves other dogs, but is very afraid of people, so she's probably been abused. Her current safe place is under the end table in the living room, she's afraid to go in or outside, any fast moves, she's not potty trained although she does go on the puppy training pads ($$$$$$$$), so we have a long way to go. Her vet said she's about 1 year old.

Being home with her this extra long weekend has helped and been enjoyable, we'll make it just fine I'm sure. She's learned that her food bowl will not be empty, at first she inhaled, but has relaxed about that now. In the night she comes to my bedroom door and cries to let me know her potty pads need to be changed, and one night early on (right after her spay) she came to tell me her water bowl was empty.

I made her a bright pink blanket with her name on it, she's already claimed as hers, she has bones and treats hidden in it, I just checked on her and she's sleeping on it with all 4 in the air and one ear is flipped back! Hooray, already great progress!

If you have a mild mannered dog, please bring it over to play with her, she'd love it. Hope you can meet her soon.

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