back to r e a l i t y . . . sometimes reality sux!

This is where I wish I was. A girl can dream, right!

Well, I forgot to give Pepper her meds this morning - it's a good thing I don't have kids isn't it! She survived though and I can tell she feels so much better today, what a relief. She ate 2 cans of food, ran around like a clown in the backyard, has been talking to me and fought me while trying to shove the pills down her throat. So, yes, back to "normal".

Check this out, I'm in an all day meeting today, me and 3 guys. We head out to lunch and I ask where we're going - you aren't going to believe it - Golden Corral. Now, I'm not against GC or anything, but good gosh, don't pick that for lunch, especially when the company is paying for it. eeewwww That's my idea of there's no, and I mean NO, other place open because the power has been off for days because of an ice storm or something. I must say - much to my surprise - it was pretty good, not that that would EVER be my choice for a meal, any meal. I had salad, fruit and vanilla ice cream and I'm not even hungry for supper! Guess I should be happy, they could have chosen the all you can eat cafeteria across the street. Double eeeewwww.
Smiles everyone.

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